Saturday, December 12, 2009


The Fastest Way To Rocket Your Income! is a Pay-Per-Download site where YOU can get paid 30-70 cents PER download!!! launched on the 6th October 2009 (today!) and has a great referral program paying out 10% referral commission so make sure to signup now and start building your referral commission today!

Our unique security script ensures that the user cannot download the requested file until the CPA Network has made sure that an offer has been completed and you have earnt your commission so you wont miss out on a cent!

Site Features:

Referral Program (Offering 10% Referral Earnings!)

Max File Size Of 200 Megabytes

Unlimited Upload Space!

Geo-Targetted Offers!

Also Coming Soon:

Top Earner Contest (Monthly) - Prize: $100

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