Friday, December 18, 2009

Hotfile - Pay Per Upload (Earn 5$-20$ a day)

Hotfile - Pay Per Upload (Earn 5$-20$ a day)


Hotfile is Pay To Upload site, I won't introduce it, you can read about them here in their official thread:

I just want to offer you, guys, to join this program under me. Why?
Because if you'll be my referral I'll be concerned to make you as much money there as it's possible. All who joins under me and gets me 2$ gets 100+ warez forums list, forum posters, great info about remote upload with which I'm uploading up to 10 GB every day and other tips and tricks.

P.S. Also who is interested in it can get XXX list and tips for it.

So if you want work here, join me via link in my signature and PM me or contact directly via skype: madnessken.

Earning table :

If you want to become Platinum 100 % You need to :

-Not upload 10 GB a day.
-Promote the files you have.
-Make sure you get 40~50 downloads per file or more
-Upload everyday files that are really popular! And post them to Warez Forums

I started in June uploading to Hotfile.
You see at my payment screenie , Ive reached Platinum in a few days.

Payment :

Please signup with my Refferal Link (Signature)
Get rich with Hotfile ! ------> Tutorial  

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