Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Per Photos View Earn

Similar with other image hosting service, Shareapic offer you to upload images, get an embed code and then display those images on your website or any other website such as MySpace, Blogger, Facebook, and etc. But, Shareapic do share their revenue with users. The payment will be made when you reach $20.00 and will pay directly into your PayPal account.
So, how much you earn per image view? Let’s take an example and i will show you the calculation:
  • Let say Shareapic want to distribute $1000 between their users and there are 5000,000 images view for that particular month. So, each image view will equal to $0.0002, which means $0.2 per 1000 images view. So, if you have a forum or blog which have lots of readers everyday, you can imagine how much can you earn per month? It is quite a bit of money, right?
Besides earn from image view, you can also place Adsence code in your image gallery pages. When others click on these Ads, you will get money! For those who own a website or blog, you can place a widget to promote your image gallery and invite your readers to join Shareapic. Each time you refer a user, you will earn 10% of their image views forever!

So, there are total 3 ways to earn money from Shareapic: image views, Adsense, and referral program. So, why not register an account and start sharing now!

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