Sunday, November 1, 2009


PROGRAM EXPLANATION:: Before I explain our program, let me ask you a serious question. Would you have joined Yahoo, MSN, or Google when they started if they promised you a piece of their company?? Of course you would have!! Even if you just owned 1/1,000,000th of any one of those internet giants, you would have several hundred (or even thousand) shares of stock worth quite a bit of money (not to mention dividends and profit sharing along the way).

OWNERSHIP FOREVER!!! Now....think for a second. Where do these internet giants get the majority of their revenues from? Advertising!!! That's right...advertising. Advertising pays their bills. Advertising helped them grow. Advertising generated their profits. In fact - there would be no internet, as we know it today, without advertising. And who reads these ads? You do of course! You read the ads - they make the profit - you make nothing at all!! It really is that simple. Until now!! Our program will change the face of the internet, but we need partners to do that. And what will our partners have to do? Spend about 5-10 minutes a day working with us - that's it - unless you decide you want to do more...and earn more.


“And what does that entail?”, you may be wondering. Something so simple that we are surprised no one has thought of this before. You register and become a member. The minimum requirements are that you receive just one email a day and refer just two persons – and that’s all. And what do you get in return for that? Ownership of our company, a share of the profits (and we make no promises here but do see our contract), and much, much more in the future. In fact, 90% of this entire company will be member owned and we have even included that in our contract. We only get 10% today, tomorrow, and forever. And of that 90% that will go to members, 45% will go out as cash and the other 45% will go into our "war chest" to develop and/or buy other profitable internet companies. And YOU w

ill also own these companies as well.

OFFICIAL LAUNCH DATE - NOV. 27 2006 last joined member right now is #99834 and counting.

This is a very good program you get emails and when you confirm them as read you receive 1 point. Every point entitles you to a share in the company profits the more points you have the more profits you get and this will be active for LIFE!!!! The site gives you a $10 Sign up bonus and the Payout is $20 through Check or Paypal. This is a good site and a very potential opponent for the BIG GUYZ!!


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