Sunday, November 8, 2009

5 Top Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Networks For Publishers

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Hey guyz, sorry for posting after a long time.. Well im going through a heavy schedule these days and not able to give much time towards the blog. Anyways coming back to the topic, today we are going to discuss about the best advertising networks in the industry to maximize out the website revenue for publishers. And today I’ll be showing you the top 5 pay per click (PPC) advertising networks for website and blog publishers to maximize your revenue. I have shortlisted these 5 advertising networks as the best among all to small business websites (less than 5-10 people working)..
There are many other networks like paypopup, clickbank, and others. I will be discussing them in my next post. If you like the post please dont forget to subscibe to the RSS feeds and leave a comment below. I love to interact
  1. Google Adsense

    Started in 2003, Google Adsense is the most popular advertising network since then. It is the best ads publishing solution right from small websites or blog to websites with much higher traffic. The CPC can range from 0.01 USD to a very good 15$ too. This is the best option for advertising if you have got users that are read and move and dont usually do the leads.With youtube video ads you can embed up your adsense ads in the youtube videos and podcast them on your website. Yes its a video ad.
  2. Adbrite

    In my opinion this is the best advertising solution for websites which have got high volumes of traffic. First of your adspace can be used for pay per click or else it can also be rented for a week at a price that you decide. Adbrite takes a part of it as their comission. If your daily pageviews are over 2000 then the adbrite full page ads can easily earn you some quick bucks for doing nothing. No clicks No leads, yes you get paid for impressions. You wont get much by those ads but it can relieve you off with your hosting bills atleast
  3. Bidvertiser

    Bidvertiser is also one of the old ad network in the market. Their advertising technology is somwhat low compared to the big bosses Adbrite and Google. But, for all newbies out there this is one of the best solution to earn great income from your small website. The best thing about bidvertiser is you can see click on which ad can get you how much money.
  4. Kontera

    Fonded in 2003, Kontera is the best content link ads publishing network. You have a good change of getting a better CTR in the keyword based ads and to an icing to a cake, they give you a good CPC compared to Google Adsense. And with effect from Googles new policies you can use both Google Adsense and Kontera to get the most of your website’s advertising. But the only drawback is not all the websites are accepted. However they are not very harsh in filtering publisher applications so if your daily uniques exceed 500 you can apply to them.
  5. AdToll

    Adtoll is another good network that one must consider. Advertising on AdToll is quite similar to Adbrite. You start with a PPC adspace but you can even rent your space to 1 or more ads in rotation for a better profit. They have the all the usual block however there are 2 eye catching varities that you might consider. The one is a peel effect layer ad that will be placed on top right of your webpage and the other one is the pic text ad. The pictext ad contains both a picture and a headline. You can select the picture size which can be a maximum of 48px by 48px. Personally tested, the pic text ads have the best CTR overall.

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